M Ranch - St Lucie County

M Ranch: Part of the Agricultural Community

M Ranch is a 2,300-acre family-owned, multi-use agricultural property in western St. Lucie County, located east and west of Carlton Road and north of Glades Cut-Off Road. Current agricultural activities include cattle ranching and limited citrus. Like many properties in the area, it was once an active orange grove, but greening and other challenges to the citrus industry require diversification of the agricultural uses on the land. 

Future plans for M Ranch beyond cattle and citrus include a sod and hay farm and an organic nursery that will include leafy greens and other vegetables and fruits. The owners are working with sustainable farming advocates and other professionals to incorporate the latest practices in land management, environmental stewardship and regenerative farming methods. Some of the long-term goals are to increase plant and crop diversity, improve soil health, reduce waste and protect and manage the area’s water resources.

The Big Picture:
St Lucie Development Boom

St. Lucie County is a special community, a wonderful mix of urban and rural, with beautiful waterways and beaches, parks and open spaces, great schools, outstanding educational institutions and health facilities, and home to young families, working millennials, small business owners and entrepreneurs, empty nesters and active seniors.

Because of its reputation as one of the best places to live and work, St. Lucie County continues to grow at a rapid pace. New homes, new businesses, industrial development, and infrastructure to support a burgeoning population and economy are everywhere.

In a ten-mile radius of M Ranch in western St. Lucie, there are thousands of undeveloped acres. More than 30,000 homes have already been approved and are in varying stages of development in St. Lucie County and the City of Port St. Lucie, along with two large FPL solar facilities.

The transformation of the Treasure Coast I-95 Jobs Corridor in the Tradition, Southern Grove and Wilson Grove areas is well underway. With all this activity comes the need for new roads, parks, and other supporting infrastructure. These projects all require quality fill material (soil) and base rock for homes, commercial sites, parks, stormwater, utility, and roadway improvement projects. M Ranch can help provide these materials in close proximity to where they are needed.