Water at M Ranch

Water Quality Protections

M Ranch mining operations will comply with all applicable Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) permitting and regulatory requirements. The dewatering from the mining operations will be detained on-site, then discharged into local agricultural canals in full compliance with FDEP and SFWMD permit conditions.

Improvements and safeguards will also be made to protect groundwater and agricultural canals in the local vicinity and ensure there will be no negative impact to water quality or quantity in the local watershed or neighboring water supplies. 

Water Reclamation

Taking the Long View: Water Reclamation

Once mining operations cease (after 7-10 years), the 80-acre mine will be converted to a Water Reclamation area.  Beyond the required elements of a Water Reclamation Plan, there are opportunities for the mine to be transformed into a Stormwater Retrofit area.

  • It would provide much needed water quality treatment and offer local flood control for adjacent county roads and private properties.
  • The mine would become an attractive stormwater retention area surrounded by a submerged berm with cypress trees and other wetland species, a littoral shelf and upland buffer.
  • Whereas the mine site currently contains no wetlands, when reclamation is completed, M Ranch will have created a healthy wetland system. It will provide roosting, nesting, and foraging habitat for both deep and shallow water wetland dependent birds and other species. This will create a significant long-term environmental benefit to the region.

Reducing Flooding along Carlton Road

As a separate initiative, M Ranch is also committed to helping reduce flooding along Carlton Road, which we understand has been an ongoing stormwater problem in this area. We look forward to discussing with the County other stormwater retrofit projects and ways that the mine-lake can be used as part of St. Lucie County’s Master Drainage System to benefit the county and neighboring residents in the Carlton Road area.